Jeffrey Isham

As a Creative Technologist, I enjoy the challenge of working to align the realities of technical implementation with creative experience design. My job description has a lot of bullet points on it, but let’s just say I get shit done. Currently I live in Minneapolis and lead the Shield Interfaces team at US Bank.

I’d best describe myself as a platform agnostic, front-end specialist who isn’t too shabby on the back end. I am an experienced problem solver, focused on strategy and user experience. I’m an expert with CSS and JavaScript, specializing in standards-based, accessible, client-side interactions. I’ve led teams and executed numerous digital assignments for a wide variety of brands, including Target, General Mills, Bauer, wet n wild, Kidrobot, United Health Group, the Belize Tourism Board, Pantone, New York Life, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

My name is Jeffrey and I enjoy biking, cats, and long walks on the beach.


Ch-ch-ch-ch changes

Long time, no post. The 10 of you along with the spammers that hang in my every word will be pleased to know I took a new job!

I’m super proud of my accomplishments at Horizontal Digital. Under my tenure as Practice Lead, the global frontend discipline transitioned into key contributors on nearly every active project across all agency supported platforms. The team headcount grew 400% with high retention and growth opportunities at all levels.

All that said, it was time for a change. I’m off on a new adventure, stepping out of the agency/consulting world and going full corporate. I’m now at US Bank leading several teams in the continued growth and development of their internal design system, Shield. And I’m a Vice President. Boom. Still doing awesome shit.

Upgrade Available

After a year with Horizontal, the powers that be have seen fit to promote me! I am now “Practice Lead, Open and Emerging Technologies.” Kind of a mouthful. Looking forward to building a new line of business and a team to support it.


I got my first job as a web designer in 2005. Since then I’ve been a web developer, a front-end developer, a senior developer, a tech lead, a dev manager, a creative technologist, and these days, a practice lead. I’ve been fortunate to have worked on some really great brands with some really fantastic people over the course of my career in digital marketing. Here’s a few of my favorite projects and professional highlights from the past dozen or so years.